We assist you with getting in touch with your target market through effective internet marketing solutions that help your business stand out in the crowded online universe.


Because this is what we love doing! As the economy continues to recover and catch up to the digital economy we want to help those set to go after their dreams and help make footprints in the world!


Cruise Control Marketing is an Internet Marketing Agency that helps businesses capitalize on digital marketing techniques that attract laser-targeted consumers specifically for their business without breaking the bank.

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Consumers have the ability to travel the globe without even leaving their homes!

The world around us has changed. We all see the digital era alive and thriving, giving consumers the ability to identify what they want. Our founder, once employed by a large marketing firm that mass-produced but ineffective campaigns, saw the value of the digital revolution. He understood quality was more important than quantity and traditional forms of marketing had become obsolete. Thus, in late 2013, Cruise Control Marketing was born and the first order of business was, and still is, to provide 100% client satisfaction!


Core values are quite possibly the single greatest component of company culture

We all want to leave our mark in the world and to maximize the size of that mark our legacy. Our values help us ensure that the decisions being made each and every day at all levels of the business is coordinated and consistent with a shared set of philosophies:

  • Innovation
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Efficiency
  • Results-Oriented
  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Live smarter, not harder
  • Focus on self-improvement
  • Determination
  • Make time to reflect
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The right marketing system can take your business to a new level of success!

We are known for our result-oriented work and offer high-quality services to clients. Our focus is on the current market trends and methods to ensure our clients are getting the best services available. We are an agency who cares deeply about our clients’ success. In fact, we believe the surest way to Internet marketing greatness is through hard work backed by proper knowledge. We vow to never mass produce marketing plans like assembly lines but to keep our campaigns custom and tailored to the specific business needs!