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5 Reasons Why Facebook Pages Are Not Your Websites

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There’s no denying it, social media has its advantages for businesses. This idea is not limited to specific industries. As a website agency for breeders, we see many breeding programs do very well on social media! 

Facebook, like many other social media platforms, makes it very easy to promote your brand online through them. In doing so you may even think to yourself “why do I need a website or why should I update my website when I have a Facebook page?”

It’s true we see more people spending a lot of time on social media platforms. Among all of the social media, Facebook pages are quite popular for businesses and should play a major role in the marketing strategy. In this article, we will concisely address this train of thought and give you a better understanding of why having a website in today’s world is even more important than ever.  

Can Your Company Survive on a Facebook Page Alone? 

There are millions of potential customers scrolling Facebook every day, so having a company Facebook Page can be a great opportunity for your business. In addition, Facebook pages are quick and easy to set up. I’m not the one that doesn’t think your business can’t survive with Facebook alone but I do believe that if you’re looking to have a thriving business at its greatest potential, it’s hard to believe that this can be done with a just Facebook page. It is one of the most incredible tools to boost your business presence and should not be neglected.

Five Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Website

1. Online Hub/Homebase – Just like a physical location, your website is the virtual home base for your company. The major difference between the two is that your online location can be accessed 24/7. Having a well-designed, updated website is an essential necessity. So, if a kennel owner or breeder wants complete control over how they look online, then having a breeder website is a must.

2. Total Control – The great thing about having a website is that it belongs to you. As the owner, you can make all of the major decisions regarding it: like where it goes, how it will look, what it should do. Even if you have it built by a website agency for breeders or any other professional developers, the control is yours once you’ve satisfied their fee and they should make any changes you want, or train you how to make small adjustments. dog breeder website building companies

3. Websites Are Here To Stay – Websites have been existing for a very long time now and for a very good reason. Even as technology expands and takes different shapes into unexpected places, the fundamentals of a “website” will remain the same. If you ever find yourself questioning whether or not you need a website, the answer to that in one word is YES! Just make sure to remember that having a breeder website might not be enough. You want to make sure it is up to date and has kept up with the time and not outdated.

4. Websites Add Credibility and Social Proof: Did you know that 50% of smartphone users find out about a new company or product while searching on their smartphones? Think about it, who doesn’t have a smartphone in this day and age? Consumer behavior is driven by credibility and not having a breeder website can cause huge damage to your program. If you are serious about your business and don’t have a website or an updated one, then investing in a professional website is long overdue. Once your website is up, your target clients and customers will trust and feel more confident about doing business with you no matter what industry you’re in. In order to stand out from the crowd, having a unique website is also a must. Showing off your company’s brand personality to your visitors with the unique design creates an even greater trust factor that contributes to your social proof. 

5. Facebook is not Forever: Does your business plan consist of counting on a Facebook business page because you think everyone uses it? In reality, there are many people who haven’t even logged on Facebook yet and many more who are abandoning the platform altogether. According to a recent report, people are abandoning Facebook for many reasons including the misuse of personal data, distrust, and much more. This is a major reason why kennels, breeders, and businesses who are serious about their longevity are building their brand identities using their own websites as the go-to place for everything that is specific to them. It’s true that Facebook pages may have the potential to increase user engagement, but solely banking on it or any other social media platforms shouldn’t be in the plans for growth or sustainability.

An effective business strategy is to have both a company website as well as to be on the social media platforms where your target market is. To be blunt, a Facebook page is not an alternative to a website and if you only have a Facebook page you’re limiting your opportunities. Having them both working in unison is so much more productive. This is not a downplay on social media or Facebook pages because we know that having a strong Facebook page can be magical. As a website agency for breeders, we simply wanted to share some of the most important reasons why your kennel or business needs a website in 2021 and beyond regardless of what industry you’re in.

Here’s the Bottom Line! 

Don’t be left behind without a breeder website or an updated one. There are many more reasons I could have listed here as to why you need a website but for the sake of time, I tried to touch the most relevant. Trust me, I understand hiring a website agency for breeders and having a professional website developed takes more time, resources, and coins but it provides a greater return on investment in the long run. 

Instead of saying things like “I just have a Facebook page, it seems to be doing great for me. I can’t seem to justify creating and managing a website” you may want to start calculating how much an outdated breeder website or not having one at all is costing you.

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